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Why should I learn fasting? What's the benefit of fasting?
Improve the wellness of your body, mind and spirit
Enhance your spirituality, improve your spiritual level and conscientiousness, and your ability to meditate
Reduce stress, alleviate diseases and other ailments 
Help detox your body and remove waste naturally
You’ll feel happier and healthier

Most people only absorb 35% of the nutrients from their food intake. After performing the fasting process, they can absorb up to 85%. After fasting several times a year, the body can function as a person five to ten years younger, both physically and mentally.  You're welcome to check out the testimonials from the previous participants for fasting workshop.

Is it Safe? Does it work? Will I be very hungry, thirsty?
It is safe and effective. It's You will not feel very hungry or thirsty. You'll learn special techniques to absorb cosmic energy.  It's an ancient practice for thousands of years. 

After registering, you need to fill out a fasting practice registration form, including detailed record regarding the previous fasting history and physical history. Everyone will keep a log during each day of fasting. 

Ven. Master Fo Fu will give personalized guidance and adjustment according to each person’s specific needs or condition. She monitors closely on everyone's condition every day.

What do I do during fasting workshop?
You’ll practice circular swing-flowing ocean, meditation, and learn other wonderful techniques.  More importantly, you'll receive powerful blessing from Ven. Master Fo Fu.

What is Circular Swing--Flowing Ocean? Why should I learn it?
  • “Circular Swing-Flowing Ocean” is a unique gentle exercise that resembles Qigong and Meditation. 
  • It’s like immersing yourself in an ocean of energy, slowly and gently moving your body, flowing with the waves of energy.
  • The movements help your Qi energy flow well throughout your body, which improves the function of your internal organs, strengthens your immune system.
  • It helps to reduce the effects of stress, disease and other ailments. Additionally, it helps you clear your mind for deep levels of meditation, develop wisdom, and improved long-term health.
  • It helps to open up your energy channels, seven chakras, and improve your physical and spiritual well being. It helps to make everything go smoothly.
  • You'll feel relaxed, refreshed, calm, energized. You'll be happier and healthier as you practice properly and regularly.

Who can learn? Is previous experience needed? I'm not a Buddhist, can I learn it?
Everyone can benefit, regardless of their religious background. No previous experience is needed. ​​

What is Vajrayana (Jin-Gang Cheng)? What's the benefit of learning it?

Sound Method: Specific Sound (music note, sound frequency) possesses incredible and mystical power. Its sound vibration could break glass, destroy building, bridge whenever the sound frequency and the object’s frequency are the same and producing harmonic resonance. Sound Method is a combination of various frequencies. It will produce an enormous invisible force to readjust our body’s imbalance. Tibet Tantric Jin- Gang Gong basically applied this particular method to our exercise, enhance our spiritual level, strengthening our health and healing. This specific sound is called ‘True Words’, ‘Special Sound’ or Mantra. It is a coded message. Different coded message has different effect and purpose. Tibet Tantric Jin-Gang Gong is also called ‘Vajrayana’, ‘True Word Yana’ or ‘Mantra Tuo-Lo-Ni’. Yana is a term applied to Buddhism as carrying men to salvation. In this particular case, we use sound or musical note to yana people. Mantra, in Tantra, is a sanscrit word also called Mang-Tuo-Lo, its religious definition is coded message of Buddhas & Bodhisattvas, comes from the heart of Bhutatathat, true and real truth-wisdom is so-called ‘True Words’. Once empowered by Buddhas Bodhisattvas, it possesses high potent energy of the universe. Therefore, chanting Mantra is to communicate with the highest energy of the universe.

In Tantric Scripture, they describe Mantra derives from the empowerment of Buddhas Bodhisattvas’ cultivation chanting. In other words, mantra is the cumulative blessing of Buddhas through thousands of years of cultivation & empowerment deriving these true words. ‘True words’ is the communication signal between humans and Buddhas, if chanting in sincerity will arouse Buddhas’ commitment to fulfill our wishes, empower us with virtue and merit. The cultivator’s true-nature merit will appear and develop an unimaginable phenomenon which can rid of sins, aid blessings, benefit wisdom, prevent interference, eliminate calamity, avoid bad karma. 

What does Vajrayana (Jin-Gang Cheng) include?
       Vajrayana (Jin-Gang Cheng) includes:
  • Spiritual Cultivation: Enlightenment of mental and spiritual aspects
  • Physical Exercise: healing illness, body fitness, for longevity etc.
      Both are necessary like wings of a bird to enable flying.

Understanding of cultivating mind leads to Buddha’s enlightenment, what the relationship between the physical practice and becoming Buddha?
     In Tantra method, Tantric Qigong, not only for health building but also to open the three chakras and seven channels, prolong one’s life, actually preserve the physical capital, i.e. enable obtaining ample time and energy to cultivate and finally succeed in this life time.

Support Jing Shui Temple:
We welcome & appreciate any donations. All donations & fees help to support Jing Shui Temple, build temples, accumulate merit, virtues,  fortune for yourself, promote healthy & happy living, and world peace.

We're a non-profit organization that would love your support. Considering helping us with your time? We are 100% run by volunteers, join us!!

New to Jing Shui Temple?
Door closes for the instructions at scheduled time. Please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early if this is your first visit to Jing Shui.  Practice at Jing Shui is open to all people regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, or physical ability.

Dress code:
Please note the appropriate clothing for Jing Shui Temple: Skirts or pants are worn below the knee in length; shirts have sleeves covering the shoulders. Hats or other head coverings are traditionally not worn, and we request that you do not use perfumes. Thank you very much.