Jing Shui Temple
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Our Founder: Venerable Vajra Master Fo Fu
Venerable Vajra Master Fo Fu is a very high level Buddhist Master. For many years, she studied with Ven. Vajra Master FaHai Lama and learned the precious essence of esoteric Tibetan Tantric Buddhism of both the Nyingma (Guru Rinpoche Nuo Na) and Kagyu (9th Gangkar Rinpoche) lineages. 

Venerable Master Fo Fu's knowledge encompasses the treasures of the Pureland, Zen, and Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. She has wondrous abilities in Tibetan Tantric Qigong, highest yoga (Atiyoga), and the healing arts. 

Ven. Master Fo Fu is often invited to teach esoteric and exoteric Mahayana Buddhism, and ways to improve physical and spiritual well being in different parts of the world. 

She started the Tibetan Jin-Gang (Diamond/Vajra) Gong Health Centre and also founded The Universal HuaTsang Monastery in Vancouver, and now heads the Monastery. Lama FoFu has traveled throughout China, North America, Europe and Southeast Asia, teaching Tibetan Tantric Buddhism and spreading Dharma. She has taught countless number of students and empowered numerous disciples.

Jing Shui Temple is the Buddhist Temple established through the great compassionate vow of the Venerable Master Fo Fu, our Guru Rinpoche.

大恩德金剛佛福上師是一位世間少有的女性上師,上师的藏文名为“更確曲措” - 其意為“勝寶法海”。上師於浙江南天目山依止金剛上師法海喇嘛多年,盡得噶舉派貢噶活佛輿寧瑪派諾那活佛共與不共之珍貴密法精髓,兼禪,淨,密諸宗,更遍及醫術,氣功,且知曉丹道之密, 是一位難得的實修實證大修行者。法海喇嘛圓寂後,上師越洋西來於溫哥華先後創立藏密金剛功養生中心,同時建立國際華藏寺道場,接引有緣衆生。上師經常受邀到中國,北美,東南亞及歐洲各地,廣傳顯密佛法及講授藏密修法(包括氣,脈,明點等修身之道)。