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Congrats: great success in 7-Day Therapeutic Fasting, Tibetan Tantric Qigong,
receiving empowerment, and wonderful blessing from Venerable Vajra Master Fo Fu!
Dec. 2-8, 2015

It was our great honor to have had Venerable Vajra Master Fo Fu teach us a special 7 Day Therapeutic Fasting workshop. It was the 4th time that the Therapeutic Fasting workshop was taught by Ven. Master Fo Fu in the Bay Area. The participants received the most powerful blessing, and wonderful instructions regarding fasting from Ven. Master Fo Fu. They were happy to have received great results. It was very successful.  
The participants also felt very fortunate to be able to learn the special Tibetan Tantric Qigong: Tuo Luo Ni (level 1): Five Movements from Ven. Vajra Master Fo Fu. 
We want to offer our deepest gratitude and the most sincerity to Ven. Master Fo Fu to come to teach us in the Bay Area. We hope many more people can benefit from her teaching.

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Special Fasting and Nurturing Retreat: 11am-5pm, Nov. 9, 9am-5pm, Nov. 10-17, 2016
Special Form of Meditation Retreat:  9am-5pm, Nov.12-13; 9am-5pm, Nov. 16-17, 2016

It's our great honor and privilege to be able to invite Ven. Master Fo Fu to teach us Special Fasting and Nurturing Retreat; and Special Meditation Retreat

The registration is now open for our special retreats. You're welcome to email to jingshuitemple@gmail.com if you're interested in register for the retreat(s). 

It's really a very special opportunity which is hard to find. You'll benefit for the rest of your life. We're very gratefully for the powerful blessing, teaching of our Venerable Vajra Master Fo Fu. She is so compassionate!