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Circular Swing has been great for reducing stress, energizing my body and has helped me to deal with the daily stress of work. I've been more alert, relaxed and calm. -- Erik

When you have chatter it is hard to clear your mind and sometimes you can't get rid of it even with meditation. If you flow with the movement of the circular swing you connect with energy that will open your energy centers that are blocked and that flow of energy will energize, balance and flow freely throughout your whole body and release the chatter in your mind. --Virginia 

I really like Circular Swing. It makes me more energetic, productive, and calm. My aches and pains on my back and neck are gone after I finish doing it. ---Joy

It helps me to have sound sleep by practicing Circular Swing. No more tossing and turning at night. It's amazing! I felt so relaxed every time when I do it. --- Hong

My health condition improved significantly after fasting and receiving the powerful blessings from Master Fo Fu, and practicing circular swing-flowing ocean. I almost lost my life five years ago. I had a dangerous heart condition and other serious complications. But I'm a different person now. ---Ms. Gao

I'm grateful for Venerable Master Fo Fu’s teaching of special Fasting. It's safe and effective. I felt younger physically and psychologically. I feel more energetic, productive and positive. My mind thinks clearer. My skin is much better. I do not need to have facials or buy expensive cosmetic products. It's the most naturally way of cleansing and detoxing my body. It helps to remove the diseased cells and bacteria, and encourage the growth of new cells. We can only do this under the guidance and powerful blessing of Master Fo Fu. I look forward to the upcoming fasting and meditation retreat Nov. 29-Dec. 7 with her holiness: Lama Fo Fu. It will be my 8th time learning fasting. I really like it! ---Dao Hong

Ven. Vajra Master Fo Fu is the most compassionate and highest level Buddhist Master that I’ve met. There are not many Buddhist masters at her level in the world. I’m very grateful for her Dharma teaching. It’s been tremendously helpful for my life, work and relations. ---Cordelia

I'm so happy after my 2nd fasting at age 81. I was amazed that I didn't feel hungry during the seven day therapeutic fasting. But before fasting, had I skipped a meal, I would feel as though I was starving. I stopped taking all the medicines for my heart problems, high blood pressure, and other health problems during fasting. I am feeling great!         ----Ms. Gao

Before fasting, I had tracheal problems, severe asthma, and couldn’t sleep well at night. I had to use an oxygen tank to sleep for three years. Without oxygen, I would have a strong, explosion-like headache. I had pneumonia, and coughed for over two months. I also had feet pain (uric acid), back lumps and sensitive skin. 

The 2nd day after fasting, the frequency of asthma was greatly reduced. After the fifth day of fasting, I started to sleep without an oxygen mask, and my coughing had significantly improved. I had no pain in my feet, the back lumps reduced in size, my sensitive skin was less itchy, and my body swelling had subsided. 

When I finished fasting, my body felt very comfortable. I didn’t take blood pressure medicine (high is 120, low is 85). My weight reduced from 147 pounds to 139 pounds.                       ---Ms He Feng

I didn’t have any health problems or diseases before fasting. But I’d never dream that I could be fasting for 7 days without food or water. I used to become angry when I came across something again my will. I’d feel very stressed when I had to handle multiple things within the same period of time.

After 7 days of fasting had passed, I didn’t even feel hungry on the last three days. I realized that we can’t measure the limit of the potential of human being. I lost 8 pounds; I was busy working during the day. But I went by with no problem. When things go against my will, I felt the anger rose up like snake. But it stopped when it went up to my head, didn’t go up. I felt much calmer and easy going.                        ---Mr. Wen J. Shiu

Master Fo Fu knows everything. What she says is concise and true. I was impressed that Master Fo Fu gives wise and the most appropriate guidance for different people to address their individual needs: health, investment, family, relation, marriage, seeking for blessings for career, good health, and so on. -- Jill

辟谷前\无特别疾病,但七天不食会发生在自己身上是梦想不到的。遇事物逆意,怒意会上头。同一时间要办理数件事,会有重压感。辟谷后\结果七天如是过去,最后三天甚至不思饿,觉得原来人体的极限不可用常人眼光来测度。然只轻了八磅,日间也忙于工作及开会,但却可以不勉强地捱过。逆意时,觉怒气如蛇般涌上,但至头部即止,没有上头,平静,潇洒多了。                                                                           ---  徐文健 (男) 

辟谷前\易倦 ,肩酸,落发多,容易忧虑,呼吸气量小,静坐时间不能久,没有气,说话声细。辟谷后\精神好,肩酸没有了,落发少,能放下忧心,精神开朗,增加呼吸气量,静坐时间增长,嗅觉,视觉,味觉,感觉都较敏锐,中气好,声间响亮,意志,毅力,耐力增强。                 ---杜修敏

辟谷前每次睡后起来便见头晕,现在已有好转,以前便秘,小便不多,我的手指,脚指都有关节炎,要吃药,医生说我要长久吃这种药丸。在辟谷期间,除第一天不知道吃了药外,完全没有吃药,但奇妙的是我的手脚都没有痛,打坐时听到奇妙的念经声音,味觉进步,比以前宽容大量,不喜欢计较小节,总括而言,我庆幸这次参加辟谷,今后我会对吃喝方面小心点。                                                                                         -- 余绮莲  

辟谷前血压和胆固醉略高,手掌内部痕及脱皮,手指尖皮层破裂,每天需服食三种药,血压98-140,体重153磅,第一天辟谷便停止服药,辟谷期间手部敏感完全消失,一点痕迹也没有,皮也没有再脱,血压低了点,是90-130,体重139磅,辟谷期间虽然只有三天完全断绝饮食,但对手部敏感及高血压效果十分好,辟谷虽非完全好受(不能吃喝及大鱼大肉),但得益却十分大,值得提倡,使人人受惠。                            --  颜伟斌  

辟谷前气管有有问题,严重气喘,晚上睡不好,已有三年晚上要“吸氧气”睡觉,否则睡醒时会头痛至爆炸似的,肺炎咳嗽已有二月之久,脚痛(尿酸)和背部有硬块及皮肤敏感,辟谷次天,气喘的频密度便大为减少,辟谷的第五天开始不用氧气罩睡觉,辟谷后咳嗽较轻,脚没有痛,背部硬块变软和变小了,皮肤敏感痕痒少些,身体和脸上的虚胖浮肿消退了,辟谷完大便泻了一大堆黑色的东西,身体觉得很舒服,血压药没有吃(上压120,下压85),皮肤敏感药仍然有服,体重有147磅减至139磅。                                                                                                             --  冯 和  

辟谷前有胃病,食量不能多,但却不能不吃,过多会胀痛,要吃药,过小则半夜会抽筋,要饮奶及吃胃药,辟谷六天完全没有半点食物,只饮过小小水和柑子汁,但几天来后从无不良反应,辟谷前150磅,辟谷后138磅。                                                                                           --  杜 海 (男)