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Circular Swing-Flowing Ocean
“Circular Swing-Flowing Ocean” is a unique gentle exercise that resembles Qigong and Meditation. 

It’s like immersing yourself in an ocean of energy, slowly and gently moving your body, flowing with the waves of energy. 

•   It’s simple and easy to learn.
• You’ll feel relaxed, refreshed, energized, calm, peaceful and happier.
•  Reduce stress, improve the wellness of your body, mind, and spirit 
•   Reach higher and deeper level of meditation 
​• ​It helps to open energy channels, chakras, and balance the energy flow

It is the foundation of Tuo-Lo-Ni. It’s a form of energy moving and inducing to Vajra/Diamond Circle. The mind should be in extreme peace which expedite to an empty stage. Circular Swing should be conducted under the master’s sound method, step by step in which will open one’s three energy channels & seven chakras. 

​Five Movements
Five Movements are the five moving forms and the composing actions of Tuo Lo Ni (Dharani). Once you practice the Five Movements well, you can quickly grasp the Dharani (Tuo Lo Ni) essentials (second level). It purifies your body, and facilitates to clear the three channels/meridians and seven chakras quickly. As we age, the functions, channels, energy and blood gradually deteriorate or become blocked. Through practicing the Five Movements, it enables the energy  flows well in all energy channels, so that we’ll be healthy and become younger psychologically and physiologically. All muscle and joints are relaxed and flexible, easy to improve the skills of meditation, improve posture, and allow you to sit cross-legged at ease. It also enables the spirit to relax and reach into the emptiness, develop wisdom, and improve spiritual consciousness.
The meditation that Master Fo Fu teaches is the highest level, and it’s different from the ordinary meditation. It allows you to reach your goal much faster. If you practice properly and regularly, you can realize a higher level of spiritual cultivation, and obtain achievement, leading to enlightenment. It will bring you boundless energy and strength, help you to live a more peaceful & happier life.  
Therapeutic Fasting
Fasting can help clear the waste and toxins from the body.​
You’ll feel reborn and much healthier. Most people only absorb 35% of the nutrients from their food intake. After performing the fasting process, they can absorb up to 85%. After fasting several times a year, the body can function as a person five to ten years younger, both physically and mentally.  It also helps you to reach higher lever of spiritual consciousness. 

Dharma Learning
Five schools of Buddhist teachings are available in Jing Shui Temple. There are Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, Zen or Chan School, Pureland School, Teaching school, and the Vinaya School.

Tibetan Tantra Jin-Gang 
(Vajra/Diamond) Gong

Tibetan Tantra Jin-Gang Gong (formerly called as Diamond/Vajra Cosmic Energy Exercise) is an advanced Qigong in Buddhism, is the chief practice of the Tantra practitioners. For centuries it was always kept unexposed to the public. The Jin-Gang Gong consists of two parts, i.e. the MOVING FORMS and the STANDING FORMS. The moving forms are called "TUO-LO-NI". The Jin-gang gong deals with both strength and flexibility, in motion and statics and in internal and external. A practitioner can induce the QI (internal energy) swiftly, naturally and intentionally without any danger of deviations. Therefore it is very beneficial to persons who wish to upkeep their fittest physical conditions.

All the muscles, joints and inner organs of our body are fully relaxed, exercised and massaged. The blood circulation is extensively enhanced.

TUO-Lo-Ni will transfer the energy from universe to nourish human body. It is ideal in maintaining people’s health and preventing from illness.

Tuo Lo Ni consists of starting part (three diamond/vajra circle), five main sections of moving exercises, and closure.

It can quickly improve the organ functions of the whole body, and helps to reduce the stress caused by the busy life of modern people, greatly strengthen the body’s immune system. 

Ven. Master Fo Fu has decided to teach this exercise to the public out of her great compassion for others. As you practice it properly over time, it will enable you to relieve ailments, help make your wishes become true, help your career and everything move forward more smoothly, bring out your inner wisdom, and keep yourself healthy in your body and mind.
Click on the MP3 link on the left to listen to an interview about the benefits of fasting. (In Chinese)